Hosted by Barista School

The Judges

Christian Gullbrandsson - da Matteo

Kaya Caretta - Nordic Approach

Alexander Lenouvel Hansen - Collaborative Coffee Source

The Competition

Round 1 - Barista Skills

Teams were given a mystery coffee and 10 minutes to brew the best cup of coffee they could.  The coffee was judged according to the following scoresheet, by the reputable judges.



Round 2 - Sensory Skills

Teams were given 10 bowls of 5 different coffees and 5 minutes to pair the matching coffees together.




Round 3 - Mystery Round

Part A – The Quiz. 
Teams were given 5 questions at the beginning of the evening relating to the coffee world.  For each correct answer the team gained an extra 15 seconds for Part B of the mystery round.

Part B – The Speed Round
Teams were given 3 minutes + any accrued time from the quiz to produce as many acceptable cappuccinos as possible for the judges.  A cappuccino is defined as a single shot of espresso with 150ml of foamed milk.