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In the summer of 2018, BWT & The Barista League will present the world’s very first coffee-based Alleycat race in Copenhagen, Denmark.  What is an Alleycat race?  Well, it's an unsanctioned bicycle race with teams racing complete all of the checkpoints in the quickest time.  What is at these checkpoints?, skillful, quirky coffee challenges of course!!




The race will start and end at The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej, and will include 5 mystery checkpoints all around the city.  Teams will be given the map before the race with time allocated for them to plan their route.

At each checkpoint teams will be required to do challenges, gaining time advantages for successes and losing time for penalties incurred.   There will even be optional time advantages to be gained if you dare. 




Each starting time for each team will be staggered starting at 13:00 on May 6.  All teams will start and end from The Coffee Collective Godthåbsvej.

At each checkpoint there will be a quick coffee related challenge to complete.  Once you complete the challenge, you are free to go on to the next checkpoint.  The scores from your challenge will be entered directly into a spreadsheet  that we can track from HQ. 

There will also be optional time advantages for those teams who dare.  By completing these you will gain certain time advantages, which might just give your team the edge it needs to win.

IMPORTANT:  Helmets are MANDATORY.  If you dont have a helmet, you wont be able to participate.  We take safety really seriously and we want to make sure that no one gets hurt.  We also encourage everyone to only use the bike ways and stay off the roads as much as possible.

There will be water, sunscreen etc at the HQ and we will be briefing teams on the best way to stay safe while cycling around the city.


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After the race, join us back at home base for summer vibes, beers, grill and good music.  We will announce the winner and hang out in the (hopefully) idyllic summer Copenhagen weather.  Bring some spare change for the amazing food and beers that we will have for you.

Join us at :
The Coffee Collective
Godthåbsvej 34B. 1

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