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On May 24, we are heading to Croatia for the very first time for our big Summer European Bash. We have been invited by the wonderful folks over at the Zagreb Coffee Weekend, a new innovative festival for the coffee and food and beverage industries. We have a huuuuggggeee 250m2 courtyard overlooking the whole of Zagreb, a beer garden, the Croatian summertime, and of course all of the fun, chaos, prizes and surprises you can expect from a Barista League event. DO NOT MISS OUT!


Team registrations will open in the first week of May. In Helsingborg, the team places filled up in just under 10minutes, so please be ready, have your team photo and all the info you need at hand and be ready! More info coming soon…

The Prize

Alongside all of the great prizes we give to all of our competitors - we are talking T shirts, Equipment, Coffee, etc etc - we have a CRAZZZYYY first prize. As we announced in Helsingborg, we will be taking the winners from Helsingborg, Croatia and the USA on one special mystery vacation.  The three teams will fly to a surprise location for a choose your own coffee adventure vacation. After the destination is announce the winning teams will all get input into the type of adventure they want to have, and then we will tailor the trip to their specifications.  We want everything we do to be as rewarding and fun as possible for the participants.

We don’t want to give everything away so early in the year, so we aren’t going to tell you where we are going, but stay tuned over the coming year to find out more about this special trip.

city information

This is going to be a huge weekend in Zagreb with not one but two coffee festivals + The Barista League all happening in the same week, so there will be plenty to do! Check back in soon for a more detailed list of recommendations and a great city guide!

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