We brew a lot of filter coffee here in Sweden.  I would dare even say that we at The Barista League have tried a few different batch brewers in our day, and for all of you who say that batch brewers cant taste good - well i have news for you...

The Hipster from 3Temp is probably the cleanest tasting batch brewer i have ever tasted.  You have more control and more consistency than any hand brew could ever have.  You can alter pulses, temperatures, pre-brew, time and so much more.   Plus there is no boiler, which means the water is always fresh (not 10 hour old stale water), and much more energy efficient.

Plus since it is all hooked up to the internet of things, there is barely any need to wait for a service tech to come out and tell you something is broken - instead the brains at 3temp can hook right into your machine, fix fixes and get you back up and running all remotely and quickly.

But you dont have to believe me either - just come to The Barista League and taste it for yourself.