About Us

A competition for baristas, by baristas.

Our Manifesto

We believe that baristas, despite being the main link between specialty coffee and the consumers, are often left out of all the fun stuff.  We believe in creating events and competitions for coffee professionals that break down barriers to participation and enable real connections within our industry.

We are baristas and work every day in our communities.  We will focus on the issues, needs and wants of our community and not get lost in the esoteric and irrelevant.   We believe that all people are equally important and deserve respect and space in this industry regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation or religion.

The Barista League will not charge you huge entry fees or demand hours of training or a really expensive coffee to compete with.  Instead we will do our best to make sure everyone who attends our events leave with exponentially more than they came with.

We are:


Steven Moloney, Founder

Originally from Australia, Steven has been living in Sweden since 2012. In past lives he has worked with as a roadie, production manager, bartender and even narrating low-stakes tennis matches for an online betting company. He has also competed in some competitions and had the pleasure to work with some amazing cafes and roasteries in Sweden as a barista, trainer and events manager.



Angela Ferrara, Communications Director

Angela is the former winner of our 2018 USA Tour. Little did she know that winning also meant she would have to come and work with us. Luckily for everyone involved Angela is a star and is taking the helm of the social media and communications in 2019. She lives in Washington DC with her partner Cassie and her amazing black lab Charles.

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Filip Odeholm,  Generalissimo of Competition

Filip Odeholm is former barista coach & competitor, current green coffee merchant, aspiring Pelicase owner and master of all things competition for The Barista League.  In that cute little Swedish head he keeps the calculating mind of a young napoleon mixed with the warm heart of an old mother Teresa.  When not helping teams negotiate the chaos that Steven has planned, he is the lab manager for Ally Coffee in Gothenburg.


The Barista League, established in 2015, is Europe's (and dare we say the World's) fastest growing barista competition and community hub. It came to fruition as baristas, despite being the main link between specialty coffee and consumers, were feeling left out from all the fun.

-  ‘I wanted to create a competition that is all about the baristas. We invite them to just turn up, compete, learn, have fun and drink some beers together’, says founder Steven Moloney – two-time Swedish Barista champion and winner of the World Barista Team Competition, 2016.

As opposed to traditional barista competitions, there are no entry fees or perplexing rulebooks – instead it’s all down to teams of two making coffee in an ever-surprising environment. The competition centers around barista skills, sensory skills and a mystery round (that has seen baristas handcuffed together and grinding coffee with hammers).

The competition was born in Sweden and has been hosted by leading members of the coffee community in Europe and North America. Across its three main events per year, it is now promoting a more vibrant and connected community all over the world.

- ‘I’ve never seen the Oslo coffee scene come together like on the Barista League weekend’, says attendee and former Barista League judge Talor Browne of Talor & Jørgen.