Working with water -
A practical workshop on water chemistry and filtration systems 


A practical, but also very in depth water workshop at Bonanza Coffee.

For many Baristas the publishing of Water for Coffee by Colonna Dashwood and Hendon meant the first profound approach to the topic of water in coffee and since then a lot has changed in the minds of most.

Some may have understood the role of positive Ions and CO2 and their effect on coffee flavor - at least from a theoretical point of few. But who can really identify a water issue when tasting coffee?

This masterclass will cover the following:

  • In depth water theory and its implementation
  • How to detect a water issue in a cup of coffee and how to fix it
  • Creating your own water for competition
  • Water hacks - tips and tricks for manipulating and troubleshooting water

There are just 10 places available for this exclusive masterclass - get your tickets here: