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As the specialty coffee industry grows it is becoming apparent that just being present or appearing at a trade show will cease to be ‘enough’ to cut through and gain attention in the market. Many companies have neither the time, resources or experience to plan and execute a high concept event or experience and hiring an outside event company is plainly obvious to anyone working inside the industry - i think we have seen enough pillows made from jute sacks for all of our lifetimes.

We offer a wheat to bread approach to creating innovative, engaging and precisely delivered events from a team that is deeply entrenched in the industry. You decide the market, budget, and goals and we help develop a creative and custom made event for you - taking all the work off your hands and delivering a smooth and successful event.

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With a background in event and production management in the music and arts industries the last three years of The Barista League is evidence of our ability to create a highly engaging and successful competition and brand for the coffee market. We believe that there is no excuse for poorly run, late, and boring coffee events and that with a thoughtful, detail oriented approach to events we can deliver experiences that are unique and meaningful.

We have done all sorts of events from cycling races to parties to throw downs and big competitions. We can work with any budget and deliver something specifically tailored to fit your needs and wants.


With the success of The Barista League over the past three years we have garnered a considerable network and amount of goodwill amongst the leaders and influencers in the industry. We have had countless national and world champions at our events, mixed in with the leading manufacturers, roasteries and ‘coffee celebrities’ as well as attracting the next generation of baristas and professionals who are now the ones running successful and up and coming brands.

A good idea is only successful upon delivery

Perhaps sometimes underrated, the delivery and post production of our events is extremely important to us. A concept can be as good as you like but if there are no toilets, the lines are long and the beers hot and expensive - no one is going to talk about the good stuff. We spend a lot of time and energy making sure the experience of everyone who walks through the doors is as fun, engaging and easy as possible. Then we provide comprehensive post event production and debriefing in order to evaluate the success of each event as well as points where we can improve for the next time.

If you are interested in working with us to cut through the noise and do something truly creative and unique, please get in touch!