The past two years have been a bit of a roller coaster!  From literally 20 people in a countryside roastery to hundreds of people travelling from all over Europe, I still can't believe what The Barista League has grown into.  Here are some of my personal highlights of the past few years.  I will also take this time to thank all of the people who helped out, volunteered, sponsored, spread the word or offered up ideas!  Without you this would never be possible.

-Steven Moloney, Founder of The Barista League

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The Barista League: Berlin

Insanely talented baristas getting loose in a way that only Berlin seems to be able to do.  This was the perfect event to finish off a huge year for us; tons of people, worldclass talent,  and a hectic final challenge which lead to our winners taking home a trip to Costa Rica.

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The Barista League: Copenhagen

Copenhagen was about booze, fun, creativity and amazing baristas. Hosted by The Coffee Collective at their beautiful roastery, we opened the night with baristas creating unique signature drinks with a mystery box of ingredients and boutique spirits.

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The Barista League: Gothenburg

The people of Gothenburg are known for their friendly, down-to-earth attitude, and being the home of The Barista League, this event was our 'house party' competition.  Party, DJ, good vibes and games downstairs while having a serious competition upstairs!


The Barista League: Oslo

Oslo was a big night for us at The Barista League.  It was our first event of Season II and it did not disappoint. The people of Oslo came out, and I think this is still one of my all-time favourite events! Oh... and we had a WALL OF DONUTS!


The Barista League: Helsinki

Helsinki, the land of saunas. I (Steve) was so happy to have our last event of the first season there, back when it was just lonely  me running The Barista League.  It was also the first appearance of the Russian contingent with their amazing upside down Aeropress technique.

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The Barista League: Antwerp

In April 2016 we partnered with the Barista Guild of Europe to take The Barista League to their CoLab event in Antwerp.  This was our first steps outside of Sweden and we got to see the CHAOS that comes with 32 baristas all making cocktails in the same 15 minutes in a packed cafe!


The Barista League: Gothenburg

One of our harder mystery challenges to dat - we had teams grind and brew a mystery coffee bear gryllz style.  The results may not have been ideal, but it was definitely fun to watch.


The Barista League: Helsingborg

We could have left The Barista League in Lund, but thanks to the support of the amazing Anne and Charles at Koppi and the support of BWT we took those trembling first steps to Helsingborg to host a killer event.


The Barista League: Lund

Our very first event.  It may have been small and humble - but this event set the tone and vibe for all subsequent events!  Thank you so much to the boys at Love Coffee Roasters for helping out, inspiring and indulging me with this!