Season Partners

We are not corporate big wigs or trust fund kids.  We are independent, we are grassroots and we are working baristas.  This means we need partners who understand what we want to do, and who really want to support the barista community.  These are people and companies who want to do things differently, create amazing things and build amazing networks of people.  It goes without saying that they are also absolute pros at what they do.  Show them your appreciation and check them out!



We place such high standards on the green coffee, the roast and the skills of the baristas, we need tools that understand our needs and work to deliver the best quality product over and over again.  Sanremo create some of the most technologically advanced and forward thinking machines in coffee.  Their continual innovation and forward facing philosophy is really inspiring for us and we can't wait to get behind their beautiful Opera machine at the next Barista League.



We love these guys.  Not only are they a great Swedish company providing a healthy, sustainable vegan alternative to milk, but everyone we meet there is just awesome!  iKaffe is easily the best milk alternative on the market, it foams beautifully, looks amazing and tastes great. 

We use their iKaffe every day, and if you don't already have this in your cafe, then i don't know what you are doing! 


BWT have been with The Barista League since the very beginning. Literally, when we had just 30 people in a roastery in southern Sweden, they were there helping out, and their support over the first year allowed The Barista League to become what it is today.

They continue to support what we do and we continue to love them for it.  Aside from this they happen to be bosses at water filtration solutions.  We  use exclusively BWT filters for all of our events, and if you doubt whether our coffee tastes better for it, why not come and check it out?

3Temp are the geniuses behind our favorite batch brewer - The Hipster Brewer.  It produces brews so clean and with so much control there is no longer any need for discussion about handbrew vs batch brew.

Home base of The Barista League, winners of the 2015 Nordic Roasters (that one time Tim W didn't take it home) and purveyors of fine Fika time in Gothenburg.

Hermelin supply amazing espresso machines, grinders and service to make sure you have everything you need to get those beans from the bag into your cup at the highest possible quality.  We will be working with Hermelin to bring you our official grinders of The Barista League: Season II - Mahlkönig.

Our favourite magazine, great people and supporters of all things that are great in coffee.  Get into it!!

The world is full of two types of people.  Those who already have a Sette 270 at home. And those of us who are desperately trying to get one.

Amazing coffee roasters filled with fine people living in the cold dark north of the world.  They not only roast great coffee, but have two must see shops in Oslo - Java & Mokka, check them out!

We have been working with Espresso Gear since our very first events back in 2014  - they are big supporters of the barista community here in Sweden and Scandinavia and we love them.  If you need gear - they have you covered.

European Coffee Trip have their finger on the pulse of European Coffee.  If you're looking to good coffee these guys know where to find it.