past events


The Barista League: Oslo

We had such an amazing time there in 2017 that starting our 2018 year in Oslo seemed like an easy choice.  It was our biggest and most successful event yet and a huge part of that comes down to the amazing Norwegian coffee scene who came out to compete, drink and party with us!

Kaffekat Copenhagen

This was the brainchild of our communications director Ashley Day - to get a whole bunch of baristas racing around Copenhagen on bikes doing coffee challenges.  To her credit this was the most fun coffee event i have ever participated in - cruising around an amazing city in the sun drinking and eating amazing things... what's not to like?

The Barista League: Berlin

We finished our 2nd season in Berlin and promised everyone a big bang to close out the 2017 year.  With a big turn out from the local scene, a ton of people flying in from all over Europe, and a huge prize for the winners to fly to Costa Rica we consider that promise delivered.